Curiculum vitae

Bastiaan Maris has been fascinated with the transformation of various forms of energy and their manifestation since his childhood. His interest in machines, sound and violent chemical processes has led to an ongoing research in chemo-acoustic phenomena and the development of musical instruments based upon this principle. This resulted 1993 after four years of testing in the creation of the Large Hot Pipe Organ, the Heater and several other machines and instruments.


Komatsu/Hanomag sound/fire with Arson Art Association -Hamburg Germany
Silent tide music and live soundeffects by Sarah Wright -Berlin Germany
Robodock steam and fire/water objects -Amsterdam Netherlands
Hotel with Silo theatre PUF Theater festival -Pula Croatia
23th Inferno with E.Egal PUF Theater festival -Pula Croatia
Quarky Park Berlin Tour with E.Egal several concerts -Berlin Germany
Analogue with Barry Schwartz -Oakland/Los Angeles USA


Aquadock sound,fire and propulsion with Miles van Dorssen and Robocross -Amsterdam Netherlands
F.I.R.E. Puf festival fire-music performance -Pula Croatia
Biennale Prague Relaytor de Luxe -Praha Czech Republic Big Day Out LHPO concerts - Sydney Australia


Big Day Out construction and concerts on hexa-throbophon -Sydney Australia
Gallery Oakland commission for building mini-heater +concerts Oakland USA
Dialogue Loci concert with Bob Rutman -Loci Poland
Zoom pyro-acoustic concerts with Mr. B -Zurich Suisse
Robodock Combustible music and Steam Racer with Miles van Dorssen - Amsterdam Netherlands


Mastodon 3 concerts in Maria -Berlin
Union der festen Hand Theatre by Stefan Stroux in 4 heavy industry factories Industrial music with several chemo-acoustic instruments - Berlin, Göttelborn, Rammelsberg, Essen
Robodock Music machines robots with Robocross-Rotterdam Netherlands


Feuer im Wasser acoustic bleu fire experiments and stories with Ka´n Karawahn Pyrotektura Kleiner Wasserspeicher -Berlin Germany
Reservoir VI Pyrotektura Rumble 1 Chemo-acoustic infrasound generator installation in Große Wasserspeicher -Berlin Germany
Resonant Wave Festival Relaytor installation in restored power substation-Spannwerk Berlin , Germany
10 Years Bundesausstellungshalle in Bonn Heater and several pyrocoustic instruments with Rainer Kranich, Mr. B, Jeffrey Funt, Frank Barnes, Schön ,Hannes Jung -Bonn Germany
BeTRIEBsausFLUG Singe-phony with and by Ka´n Karawahn and many others in old steel foundry opening Rührfestival-Dortmund Germany Shine festival steam rockets and other machines -Eindhoven Netherlands
Robodock LHPO -Amsterdam Netherlands


Electrosonic Interference Artist in Residence and technical Director for Barry Schwartz -Powerhouse Brisbane Australia
Lecture Overtones and Beatfrequencies Demonstration and explanation for Students -TU Berlin Germany Fire show with Buro für Brenzlichen Angelegenheiten Guest musician on Heater (support act for Tambour de Bronx)
Mastodon concerts in BKA-Zelt, Zionskirche, Stubnitz and other places with Bob Rutman, Jeffrey Funt and Nico Lippolis
Schrill Exhibition at Löwenpalast Berlin Electro-acoustical object
Robodock Music machines robots with Buro für Brenzlichen Angelegenheiten -Amsterdam Netherlands


Helsinki 2000 LHPO 3 concerts final event cultural capital 2000 Helsinki Finland
Erste Internationales Feuercongress Bonn 5 solo Heater concerts + performance with Kain Karawahn Bonn, Germany
New Prometheans construction of chemo-acoustic instruments and concert with Kain Karawahn Seattle, USA Robodock festival construction of chemo-acoustic instruments and 3 concerts-Amsterdam, Netherlands
Heater Concert at Löwenpalast, Berlin, Germany
Mastodon live at the Lügenmuseum, Gantikow, Germany
Mastodon Live at LUX-9 concert at Technical Academy, Berlin
-INTERZONE- Recycling the Future Group Exhibition curated by Marek Schovanek Concert with MASTODON Relayter-installation, Steamball, Pulsator, Urchin. Rathauspassage Alexanderplatz, Berlin
MASTODON concert.Tränenpalast Berlin, Germany
"Touch Interzone" Heater +Bob Rutman and Jeffrey Funt on Steelcello and Bowchime (2 concerts) Gallery Meinblau Berlin


"Overtones from the Underworld" Heater + Robert Rutman's Steel-cello ensemble, 4 concerts in raw highway tunnel B96 under Tiergarten Berlin Germany
"Exit Art Beyond" Steamball performance in National Gallery Manes Prague Czech Republic
"AREALE '99" Beatgenerators chemo-acoustic sound installation group exhibition Brück Germany
"The Last Underground" Relaytor installation in group exhibition Prague Czech Republic
"Rührknall Zündfonie" several new instruments 20 Minute fire/opera with Blixa Bargeld, Kain Karawahn ,Eddi, Logo and others. Zeche Zollverein Essen Germany
BUGA"99 Large Hot Pipe Organ duet with Erik Hobijns "Dante Organ" 4 concerts on the BUGA, Magdeburg Germany
Weimar'99 Salve "Und schwimme Ich weiterů" Chemo-acoustic musician with Stephan Stroux for Cultural Capital 1999 -Weimar Germany
Atonal festival Guest-musician with Bob Rutman as support-act for Einstürzende Neubauten at-Berlin


Art- Auctioneer for support of the "Und ab die Post" Group-show
Art- Auctioneer for support of the ACUD foundation
Large Hot Pipe Organ Live in Berlin LHPO -Official Groundbreaking show for the new Dutch Embassy in Berlin with George Homsy, Stock ,Silke Willhöft & many others 4 shows live over the Internet -Berlin
Relaytors de Luxe Lite Relaytor installation at Staalplaat -Berlin
"Und ab die Post" Relaytors de Luxe 3D Electro-acoustic sound installation/automate exhibition with several artist in Postführambt Aktionsgalerie -Berlin
"The Heater" 2 solo-concerts -Kampnagel Hamburg


"Und ab die Post" -The Heater -Chemo-acoustic Resonance Generator concerts exhibition with several artist in Postführambt Aktionsgalerie -Berlin
"DokumentaX" Theaterskizzen Landscape with snake.. Heater + Glass-pipe sound/music in piece by Heiner Goebbels -Kassel
"Pulsator" Acoustic-engine demonstration for students-TU Berlin
"Sylvester 96-97" Firework display with Jeffrey Funt


"Die Rückkehr der Indianer" Puls-jet sound sculpture exhibition with several artist -Berlin
"HYDRONORTS" LHPO concerts in Kolding and Copenhagen and several other fire objects with George Homsy, Barry Schwarz, Paul Burwell, Steve Hubback and Harald me Viuff (Opening 3rd part of Cultural capital '96) Denmark
"Tall Ship Race '96" Puls-jet, resonators, flame-cloud-shooter live-sound for pyroshow with Paul Burwell -Copenhagen Denmark


"VIBER" Relaytor installation and Resonator concert a project by kunst-raum-straße Dock 11 Prenzlauerberg Berlin
"A Good Meal" Relaytor installation ,exhibition with several artist -Berlin


"Maschinenklang" Large Hot Pipe Organ, 4 concerts with George Homsy and Stock -Marstall Theater Munich Germany
"BKZ 200" 14-hour vexations with Gordon Monahan, Gordon W., Laura Pakoras and others (Construction, musician)-Marstall Theater Munich Germany
"BKZ 2000" 14-hour vexations with Gordon Monahan, Gordon W., Laura Pakoras and others (Construction, musician)-ZAP-club Brighton, England
"Los Gran Torrinos" 5000 miles USA with Megan Gay .Concerts in: Emos Austin Texas, Orbit Room Dallas Texas and Chicago, Illinois USA
"Fire Resonators" 5 concerts and installation -ESC Graz Austria


"Virus" Design and Mechanical construction of six-legged stumbling machine for and with Gordon Monahan -Bethanien Berlin Germany
"Large Hot Pipe Organ" Three concerts in Steirischer Herbst Festival . With George Homsy, Laura Kikauka and others -Graz Austria
"Absolute Threshold" All night machine party organized by Erik Hobijn. Installations, shows, demonstrations, by over twenty international artists. With George Homsy and Stock (Pipe organ midi-prototype test and Fire-resonators) -Nieuwe Meer Amsterdam Netherlands
"First International Culinary Artillery Show" Food-machine show with Laura Kikauka and Erik Hobijn. (Sausage Canon) -Melkweg Amsterdam Netherlands
"The Wurst Show Ever" High velocity sausage launcher with Brad Hwang -Berlin Germany
"The Glowing Pickle" Experiment collaboration with The Funny Farm (Ontario Canada) -Berlin Germany
"The Four Corners Get Obtuse !" Installation and concert with Laura Kikauka, Brad Hwang and Gordon Monahan (V-1 Wall Decorator, Airhopper and Superrelator) -V2 Den Bosch Netherland


"Dieser Wahnsinn muß ein Ende haben" Machine-performance with BBM, Brad Hwang, Erik Hobijn and others. (Several new pneumatic machines) -Hannover Germany
" The Deliberate Evolution of a War Zone: A Parable of Spontaneous Structural Disintegration" SRL performance Steierische Herbst Festival machine construction and "Bombingcrane" -Graz Austria
"An infestation off peculiar irregularities: taking place in a disintegrating landscape, marked by unresolved entangelments" SRL performance machine construction and operation Aurillac France
"I.a.C.E." Machine performance with BBM in 'Documenta Stadt Programm' with George Homsy and others. (Several new machines) -Kassel Germany
"Amorfus" project Californian/Danish group show Hot Pipe Organ prototype, Relaytor, Steam rockets and Waxcanon-3 shows in ┼rhus, and 3 shows in Copenhagen Denmark
"Volcanic Eruption" Simulation for Macetear High-school -S.F. California


"Burn Kiddies Burn" Children's Festival in Bücklerpark Flame-thrower operated by 4 to 7-year old children - Berlin Germany
"Beacon" Fire-horn playing with squeaky streetcars and S-Bahn
"Sound-parade" with Chico McMurtie and others both for "Hinter den Museen" (Group-show) -Berlin Germany
"Unwucht versus Bottles" 16 performances in "Summer festival" -Amsterdam Netherlands
"Unwucht" 2-stroke jumping-machine for "TOč"group exhibition in Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin Germany
"Auge wir Explodieren" installation with TV and exploding eye with A.Umstätter and M.Schilling -Berlin German


"Plausch Sexueller Art" ("The Sexual Effects of Fire") Fire /Machine performance with A.Umstätter, Z.Merchav, RA.M.M., and others -Berlin Germany
"Volvo worldcup" indoor fireworks with M.Schilling and G.Voll -Berlin Germany
"Shockwavecannon" suitcase cannon with "extra power" -Berlin Germany
"De Machine" Summer festival opening on Damsquare open-air dance-sound-machine theater -Amsterdam Netherlands
"Apprats" Outdoor theater piece with Licedei ( construction, performing flame-throwers and explosions) -Leningrad USSR


"Bulgakov Several performances with Antya Umstätter in our bar-performance space on the Prinsengracht -Amsterdam Netherlands
"Win a real color TV" performance with a lift "A red night/a blue night" with Argento (Italy)
"Bath-water-music" piece for 20 slides, 2 bathtubs, 4 pick-up mikes and two people
"The Blob" piece for Transport-motorbike and rubber-thing with Antya Umstätter in "De Smedery" -Amsterdam Netherlands
"Dante Orgel" Opening for SRL in Summer festival with Erik Hobijn (Several fire devices) -Amsterdam Netherlands


Collaboration with Erik Hobijn on several objects/ machines:"De Klok", "Dante Orgel", "Mannekke pis". -Amsterdam Netherlands


"Radio Rabotnik TV Europe Tour 87" several video/radio presentations in Belgium, France, Italy, Slovene, Hungary, Austria, Germany (Documenta)
"Nightprogramm" on Radio Rabotnik every Friday from midnight to 6 AM sound creations with Bob and Richard -Amsterdam Netherlands


Seven months journey through Africa several sound recordings and performances with Jann Burkhardt -Algeria, Niger, Cameroon, Central Afrique, Nigeria.
"Concert für halbes Piano" musical piece on amplified piano soundboard -Berlin Germany
"It doesn't work now..." Open-air performance (dance, music, technique, explosives, special fx, etc.) with Jann Burkhardt -Amsterdam Netherlands
"Esperanto" Modern Dance performance with Jann Burkhardt (dance with sound-emitting-helmet) Modern Dance Academy -Amsterdam Netherlands
"Cloud Chamber" with Ron Bunzl, José-Luis Greco and Jann Burkhardt (lights and technique) -several shows all through Holland]


"Deep Sleep Divers" Performance with Jann Burkhardt (Music, dance, technique, mechanical rhythm-machine) -Amsterdam Netherlands
"Lawaai!" solo sound performance "Kulturele Dag" -Baarn Netherlands


"Eightball" music piece composed with machines and explosives for VPRO radio on Hilversum 4 -Netherlands


Born in Amsterdam Netherlands


Made in Bilbao Spain