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Chemo Acoustics by Bastiaan Maris
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Sounds & Instruments
The Heater
The Heater is a chemo-acoustic resonance generator that uses energy from the violent chemical processes that turn propane and oxygen into water and CO2 to generate powerful, low frequency tones. Six propane burners, each mounted inside a steel pipe that acts as a resonator, produce the sounds. Overtones and beat frequencies are generated and varied by manipulating the gas flow and the flames inside the pipes.By playing "chords" of tones that are only slightly different, beat frequencies emerge in the very low registers. These are felt more than heard and together with overtones produce a "hypnotic" state in the musician and audience. The music played on this instrument is more than an audible feast; as the sounds rumble through the body it becomes an entirely physical experience.
Relaytor de Luxe
'Relaytors' is a sound installation. Each relay makes a sound as it switches, a deep 'thump' or a strong 'clack'. Using tens to hundreds of relays wired together on wooden boards of various sizes, from 1 x 2 meters to 20 x 30 cm, he creates rhythmical sound-scapes. Each relay wired to trigger another and each board to effect the next, turning on and off in choreographed sequences. The effect is stunning, rousing and mostly very loud!
Crack Pipe Organ
The whole thing has three elements. There are the resonators: big steel tubes that look a little bit like rockets. These are also the carrying structure of the whole thing. The second element is called “tune flame throwers”, there are seven of them. They are basically pressure vessels that shoot gas through a tube that is ignited. The tubes and barrels have different lengths, so as they ignite they all have a different tone. The resonator parts also have tunes, but they are more drone-like, very deep drones. The third element, which (for me) is the most exciting part, is called the crack pipe. These pipes inject gas and ignite it, which then detonates in a controlled explosion.
Quarki Park
... breaking musical borders - beyond the good, the bad and the verry silly.
After spending 9 years, more or less,in the wellknown "Betty Ford Centre",
the legendary QP finally got back to normal and will play their marvellous tunes - live! - to a selected audience.
Performing the all time favourites including that heart-tearing ballad "No More" and classics like "Frozen Propane" and "Jump" !!! Where ever they play - Its gonna be a cosy night -
touched by the Songs from Mr. B and double E.
by Bastiaan Maris
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